Holy cat!

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Have I mentioned that we’re renting a haunted mansion?

We found one landlord with one house willing to rent to 3 dogs and a cat. The house is humongous, but it’s in terrible shape. It creaks. It leaks, so drips echo across the wood floors. Many of the windows aren’t sealed, so when it storms, the wind blusters through the gaps. Animals live under the floorboards. (I hope it’s this guy.)

I could go on. But all this is to say, this house is creepy!

We’re lucky, though, that it’s divided into three parts. The main floor has kitchen, dining, work, and living spaces, along with the master bedroom and bathroom. At some point in the house’s history, someone tacked on a garage and laundry room, which they attached to the side of the house that held the staircase going from the first to second floor. This resulted in a set of stairs going up into a gigantic room (it spans the garage/laundry/mudroom). From the big room, a second set of stairs leads to the upstairs, which has 3 more bedrooms, a bathroom, and storage.

Ok, so now you have the lay of the land, here’s what we have going on:

The dogs have full run of downstairs.

Newt has the run of the big room and one of the upstairs bedrooms (her habitat is in that room… more on that in another post).

We have a gate on the stairs leading to the big room, which has a door that we leave closed.

Then, there’s another gate on the stairs leading upstairs. This one has a cat door.


Then, there’s another gate in the door to Newt’s room, also with a cat door.

All this because Lucas still sorta wants to eat her.

Poor Newt.

I will say we’ve made progress, but it’s also still very much a work in progress.

While I track our training, I’m going to share with you guys what I learn about cats along the way. So, I’ve added another little “channel” to OMD!

I’m calling it: Holy Cat!

Anything specific to Newt will be filed here, but I’ll keep updating on the dog training portion of the cat training situation.

(Status update on that: Lucas can be off leash in the big room with Newt. As long as Newt is up high and perfectly still. Movement is totally what sets him off. We’re clearly battling a pretty strong prey drive here. All tips appreciated!)

I was waiting for a new battery for my video camera, and now that that’s arrived (yay!) I’m going to try setting it up on a tripod to capture one of our “cat training” sessions with Lucas. If all goes according to plan, keep an eye out for that in the next few weeks.


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