Northwest River Park with Chuy Chihuahua

Northwest River Park with Chuy Chihuahua post thumbnail image

Northwest River Park is located on 700+ acres in Southeastern Chesapeake, VA, sandwiched between the North Carolina border and the city of Virginia Beach. The park offers fishing,boating, hiking, mini-golf, camping, and much more!  I remember visiting this park many times as a kid. We had horses when I was growing up and my parents and I would take them to Northwest River Park for a day of riding. There is an entire “Equestrian” side with riding rings and horse trails! I also have memories of canoeing with my Dad around the river. My school had quite a few field trips at good old Northwest. Oh and I can’t forget the “terrifying” ghost train on Halloween!

We took Chuy a few weeks ago to do some walking around the trails. The park has really changed but at the same time it’s still the same. You know what I mean?

Northwest River Park with Chuy Chihuahua

Northwest River Park is extremely dog friendly. The trails are really nice for walking . . . especially when like me, you’re not a “hiker.” The main trail is really wide and flat. There are about eight miles of trails you can take that go along the woods, wetlands, and three waterways; Northwest River, Smith Creek, and Indian Creek.

As you look out over the main bridge, you can see the front of the park along with the canoe and paddle boat rentals and the occasional fisherman standing along the river bank.

Northwest River Park Bridge

As we were walking along we came across this bridge with Tiki Men carved into the posts. I couldn’t find any information about why these were put here but it’s really cool! I definitely don’t remember this being here!

Chuy at the Tiki BridgeTiki Bridge

When we got to the end of the main trail, we were greeted by a gorgeous view of the Northwest River, docks, and restrooms. I love the feel of being in the middle of nowhere with modern conveniences! It was a gorgeous day so we saw quite a few boats speeding by! My husband and I were looking around as a potential visit with our new kayaks. Speaking of, mine is still on back order! All because I HAD to get it in purple!


Chuy loved walking around the floating dock! I’m so happy that he isn’t freaked out by it. This is going to come in handy when we start kayaking!

Chuy Chihuahua Floating Dock


We ended up walking over 3 miles and had a great time at Northwest River Park! Taking Chuy out for these adventures is my favorite way to stay active and spend quality time together!

Aimee and Frank Northwest River Park

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